May 24, 2024
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How Dash Cams Can Give you Peace of Mind While Driving

Did you know that if you have an accident with another driver but there wasn’t any witnesses, then it’s more likely than not that you’ll end up entering something called a split liability agreement. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, you’ll receive just 50% of the compensation and you’ll lose your no claims bonus.

This clearly isn’t fair, and with no one to corroborate your claim there’s little you can do. But with crash for cash fraudsters on the rise and more of us taking to the roads than ever before, there is help at hand. A dash cam is the perfect solution for giving you peace of mind while on the road. This guide gives you the low-down on the dash cam revolution, explaining why dash cams are relieving anxiety for millions of drivers across the UK and worldwide.

An Introduction to Dash Cams

Dashboard cameras, or dash cams, are an onboard camera that continuously records through the front of a driver’s windscreen or through the vehicles rear windows. They are powered either by your car’s battery or through an internal battery, and can be used to store anywhere between 16GB to 64GB of data. They are popular with car drivers, but can be used on bikes, buses, lorry drivers and more.

Often a dash cam will automatically delete older footage, but will give you enough time to back the video up to some external hardware. As newer models often send footage straight to your phone, dash cams have become increasingly popular, and in 2017 approximately a quarter of all UK drivers used a dash cam. 

Providing Evidence in Case of an Accident

The number one reason why anyone would use a dash cam is to record footage of an accident. Dash cams are designed to continue running whenever they are turned on, meaning that you won’t miss a single thing while you drive. Dash cams remove the anxiety of you trying to remember what happened in an accident. They also catch another drivers registration, while the built in GPS makes a note of the exact location. Dash cams can be the difference between that 50% split and your insurance covering all of the costs.

Some newer models of dash cam such as those sold at in-car tech pioneers Nextbase, come with added features that do not just record evidence but can also save your life. They have developed a new Emergency SOS feature that will force your dash cam to automatically alert the emergency services in case of an accident when the driver isn’t responsive. What’s more, the dash cam can store personal details such as medical history, blood type and allergies.

Save Money When You Drive with a Dash Cam

 If you’re worried about money then dash cams are the perfect option for saving you a bit of cash. They do this in three ways:

  • Relatively Affordable: Dash cam prices start at around £40 at the low end, and increase to about £250 on the upper end.
  • Save Money on Insurance: As with black boxes, dash cams can reduce your insurance premiums.
  • False Claim Protection: Beat fraudsters and prove your innocence in case of an accident by providing proof to the police and to your insurer.

Use a Dash Cam to Improve Your Kids Driving

We all know that the majority of car accidents usually involve someone who has recently passed their driving test. If you’re an anxious parent who is reluctant about passing over the keys to their overly confident teenager, then using a dash cam can force them to drive a little better. Some cams come with features that automatically upload footage straight to your phone, and I’m sure any teenager will drive a little more carefully knowing that their parents are watching their every move.

The only other person who worries about someone’s driving abilities is the driving instructor. What better way to teach someone how to drive than by showing them their mistakes in real time. Dash cams are becoming a more popular tool for driving instructors, as this not only covers them in case of an accident, but works as a useful training device for when the driver gets home.

How Can Dash Cams Improve Your Driving?

Dash cams primarily record footage. But if you’re an anxious driver, then even lifting a hand off the wheel to turn up the radio can cause anxiety. Like all forms of technology dash cams are becoming more complex and are come with more handy features than ever before. Newer models now come with many innovative features, including:

  • Hands Free Alexa: Built in Alexa helps you with playing music or even controlling smart home devices.
  • Help with Directions: Use the built-in system to help you with directions in case you get lost.
  • Automatic Download: Automatically download footage to your mobile or laptop via WiFi or BlueTooth.
  • Exact Location: A super accurate GPS means that you instantly know where you are in the world to the nearest metre.
  • Report to the Police: Some dash cams also include a built-in option that allows you to send footage straight to a police database, helping to save them money and you time.

Put Your Mind at Ease with a Dash Cam

Dash cams are helping millions of users in the UK, Europe and worldwide to feel at peace while driving. While they can’t turn you into the world’s best driver, they can save you money, and with fraudsters on the rise and with insurance companies not paying out with witness-less accidents, buying a dash cam can be your saviour in case of a collision. From cautious bus drivers to police drivers on the beat, cameras are becoming a staple of many drivers lives and as an accident can ruin or a day or even a life, a dash cam can help provide you with proof when you need it most.

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