May 24, 2024
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Vehicle Check: Ways to Inspect A Used Car Like A Professional

Before getting your hands on any used car, you need to inspect the used car. Being in the early stage of research of a used car, look for these steps. Based on this, you can make your decision as a car might seem attractive to you, but without proper and careful inspections, you should not move forward.

Most of us face the problem of duplicity with faulty cars. Let’s get started with the steps.

  • Sunny day

It is better to have a physical inspection during the daytime, especially when the sun is shining bright. In this situation, you will check for the aspects like dents or paints of the car.

  • Inspect in the open

Make it a point to do vehicle check in the open, where you get a complete 360-degree view of the car. It would help you to examine the possible angles. If it is parked on an uneven surface or towards the wall, then ask the seller to bring it to an open area where you can inspect it properly.

  • Go for the ground level.

Ensure that the car is on the ground level to have a better check at the straight-line areas.

  • Have a company

While you are going to inspect a used car, always take somebody along with you. Taking a call expert or mechanic is the best option. But if you don’t have any known mechanic or car expert, look for someone to take partial interest in the task. Taking someone uninterested in the inspection might demotivate you on a large scale.

  • Things that need to be carried

Carry on a notepad or pen to store and download the details. Apart from that, it would be best if you carried a flashlight to inspect the bottom of the car and the hidden spots. An app should be installed beforehand, which would help you to bargain with your pricing.

How to start the inspection?

  • Walk around

Before you start with your inspection, it is essential that you slowly walk around the car and check for every detail—glance at the headlight, windscreen wiper bumper indicators, and wheel arches. If you spot anything suspicious, notify the owner. Once the deal has been sealed, ask the dealer to replace the minor defects like missing rubber cladding.

  • Check for rust or any paint difference.

In broad daylight, you should check for the difference in the paint. Repaint of the car would make the Bolt and joint color different.

  • Check for any modification or aftermarket body parts.

One should carefully judge any modifications like the bent pipes or raised-up suspensions. You can also cross-check with the seller if you have any queries related to the car.

  • Inspect for repair work and major dents

Almost every car faces some dents and needs to be smooth and out. Inspect for those dents and the repair work before you seal the deal.

  • Match the metallic colors

If a car is damaged, it would be visible in the metallic color under the hood. Check for that, and if required, you can consult with the dealer to ask for any compensation.


Apart from all these, ensure that you check the engine oil level and other fluids like the brake fluids, soft hose pipe, and seat condition. Make sure that your car has a suitable variant. Once you look for all these, check the odometer tampering and note down all the readings during the vehicle check. It would help you to inspect the used car like a pro.

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