July 16, 2024
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How to Know When to Scrap Your Van

Many people want to get the most value out of their vans and keep them going for as long as possible. While the reasons for that could be practical or sentimental, it’s important to point out that these efforts have limits.

Your van might be technically functional, but it doesn’t mean you should drive it. Rather, you should reach out to potential buyers and get a few scrap van quotes.

But how do you know if your van should be scrapped? Here are a few sure signs your van is meant for the scrap yard.

The Van Is Scrap

If someone describes your van as scrap, that can be a subjective assessment. One person’s scrap is another person’s treasure. That’s why it’s necessary to be quite specific about the details. Your van is scrap and should be scrapped if:

  • the automatic door locks don’t work
  • the windows don’t roll up
  • the doors won’t open
  • an unspecified odour won’t go away
  • the interior is beyond repair

These are only a few common reasons why it might be better to scrap your van than trying to fix it.

Maintenance Is Expensive

If your van is old, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s time to scrap it. Some older van models work well and don’t require much maintenance, plus the parts are cheap.

On the other hand, if you have a van that is a drain on your budget, it’s probably time to scrap it and get some cash for it.

This is particularly the case if the van is not road-worthy, and you’d have to spend a fortune to get it going again. If it’s missing essential parts that you have to order and pay a fortune for, it’s probably not worth the hassle.

There’s Too Much Rust

Often, the fastest way to detect a van ready for scrapping is to look for rust. If the van is too rusty, it will look like scrap. But the appearance of the van is the least of your problems.

A rusty van is not safe for driving and may cause dangerous fumes to leak if the rust eats into the van’s bodywork.

Furthermore, the rust will damage the vehicle’s integrity and cause more problems, and more repairs will ensue. Finally, rust can be an issue if it spreads around the brake or petrol lines.

You Can’t Sell the Van

You might not feel your van is scrap material yet. It’s only fair to try and sell it first to see what kind of price you can get for it.

You might get lucky, but overall, selling old and damaged vans can be a time-consuming and futile process. The van might be listed for months, and in the meantime, you’ll still have to pay for insurance.

Not to mention talking to many potential buyers and no one actually buying the van. Choosing to scrap your van means faster payment, and the van is out of your sight in record time.

The Van Was Written Off

If your van has suffered too much structural damage, your insurance company will likely write it off. When that happens, you can no longer drive the vehicle.

The insurer will even tell you to scrap your van, as that’s the only viable option at that point. If you’re not sure whether your van is write-off material, make sure to contact to your insurance provider.

Driving the Van Feels Irresponsible

Relying on feelings might seem odd here, but it’s a valid point. If every time you sit in your van and start it, you feel unsafe, there’s probably a good reason why.

The noises and rattles that won’t go away might be unsettling and affect your driving. If you have done all you can to fix the van and it still doesn’t feel safe to drive, that’s more than a good enough reason to scrap it.

Get Scrap Van Quotes Today

Unless your van is a complete wreck, deciding if it’s time to scrap it isn’t a simple decision. Understandably, your first thought might be to sell it, but scrapping is faster and more convenient, and money comes your way quickly.

The only issue is choosing the right buyer for your van.

We Scrap Any Van team offers excellent prices and will be at your door at your earliest convenience. Call now and get your van scrapped in no time.

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