April 25, 2024
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Places to See and Visit Near Egham, England

There are so many beautiful places to see and visit if you are traveling in the greater London area. In addition to the unique and beautiful neighbourhoods in the city proper, you will find unique towns and villages close by that you will want to explore too. Each of these villages has its own character and charm, so you will want be sure to give yourself enough time to explore without being rushed along the way. Egham is one such beautiful town in the Borough of Sunnymede in Surrey, England, about 31 km to the west of London.

Egham is rich in history, and dates back to the Bronze Age. In the year 1215, the world-famous Magna Carta was sealed by King John at a nearby site known as Runnymede. During the Middle Ages, Egham was controlled by the Abbey of Chertsey. When the monasteries were dissolved around the start of the 16th century, control of the town and its market revenues then flowed to the Crown. If you want to get the most out or your visit to Egham and the surrounding areas, click here so you can hire a car for your journey and travels there.

Visit Royal Holloway University and Savill Garden

When you are in Egham, you will want to visit Royal Holloway University of London. Queen Victoria led the ribbon cutting for the site in 1886. Originally a college for women only, it is now open for everyone. Visitors are awed by the magnificent Founder’s Building, and mesmerized by the university’s almost fairytale setting.

If you love outdoor scenes and spectacular gardens, take a stroll through nearby Savill Garden. These ornamental landscapes are renowned as being among the best in all of England.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is just a stone’s throw away from Egham, and is a short 9 km commute. During your visit there you will find yourself immersed in centuries of royal living, and will be able to see beautiful sights such as the Round Tower and the 4 km Long Walk that goes from the castle to nearby Windsor Great Park.

At the Henry VIII gate, you can stop and take a picture with a guard of the Lower Ward. The magnificent St. George’s Chapel hosts the 45-minute changing of the guard ceremony several days a week; it has been occurring since 1660. The Crimson Drawing Room, part of the castle’s State Apartments, is one of the most beautiful and spectacular rooms to visit.

Windsor Great Park

To get a rich sense of the local landscape, along with the history, a visit to Windsor Great Park is in order. Covering some 6.400 hectares (15,800 acres), the Royal Park is part of the Windsor Estate and encompasses a landscape that includes grassland, forests, gardens and lakes.

Within Windsor Great Park you will be able to explore over 1,000 years of history, and view the National Collections of plants. You will also see the Champion Trees, and be able to spot rare wildlife within the park’s boundaries. The Windsor Estate was awarded a gold medal by the Royal Agricultural Society for its achievements.

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